All About Mestizo

"Like most people, I enjoy great FOOD! And especially when it is coupled with a totally unique dining experience. Over the year (86 to be exact) I have had the privilege of dining and entertaining others in many of the finest RESTAURANTS in the world, I especially like Mexico City which has more than its fair share of variedad de sabores and in this same great tradition of culinary excellence I want to introduce you to MESTIZO CONTEMPORARY MEXICAN CUISINE."
~ Tom F. Clark

Mestizo has its' own enchanting personality which is warm and embracing and is located in one of my buildings (121) on Main st in Davidson,North Carolina.
Mestizo offers two exquisite dining areas. The outside dining has absolutely the best views of all the outside dining options in Davidson and features the natural gardens of the Post office as well as a view of the Village Green and the College Church. In the fall and spring the trees are absolutely glorious and the patio faces the southwest direction and absorbs all the spectacular sunsets. The indoor dining room space is both very intimate and elegant with its eclectic antique nostalgic thread hanging lights with steeple and intricate filament designs. The walls are painted in very appealing calming colors that accentuate both your pallet and your mood. Some of my antique redwood cedar fixtures from the "old Drugstore" in Davidson are beautifully highlighted in the restaurant as well as the antique "weight scales" from same. On the walls are the paintings of Diego Rivera one of my favorite all time artists. The tables are wrapped in different collages which reflect some very interesting Mexican history and traditions, and the accompanying chairs are very comfortable. The bar area is intimate, friendly and inviting and the drink menu is probably the most unique of all the surrounding restaurant. The je ne sais quoi atmosphere that Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine presents really makes me want to "dress up" because I feel like I am in a very trendy New York or Mexico City restaurant.Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine is a dining experience totally in a class by itself in the Carolinas which has been created by host of families originally from Mexico City. These folks are cultured and highly educated, elegant, creative and service oriented, talented and warmly friendly, as well as interesting, sharing and accommodating.They have put together a litany of authentic and contemporary recipes from ALL over Mexico, most of which have been prepared for years in their own homes and handed down for generation. Some of my favorite dishes are Mixiote de Pollo and Camarones con Callo de hacha and sopa xochitl !. The family members are involved in the day to day planning, food procurement, cooking and serving of a dining experience you will not soon forget. All the ingredients are authentic, fresh and of the finest quality AND all the menu items are prepared on an "as ordered basis".

Did I also mention I enjoy a good glass of wine with my meal? Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine's wine list is a fusion of carefully selected wines from Mexico, Spain, and Chile especially chosen to enchase the bold flavors of the tasty recipes or better put in SPANISH "vinos con character".
Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine also offers a host of authentic Tequila drink selections as well as Latin Coffee tea and tropical juices.
The front of Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Restaurant is headed-up by brothers Humberto, Alicia, Lupita and husband Sergio. We are pleased to introduce Chef Raul in the kitchen. Andy , Alonso and Santi together with Mama Lupita run the show. Both Alicia and Lupita speak English and Spanish and as "icing on the cake" ALL are warm and welcoming with a great sense of humor.

Speaking of " icing on the cake" did I mention I have a desert fetish? Well, wait until you taste Mestizo Contemporary Mexican deserts. First on the list is an eclectic assortment of cakes including Impossible Cake ( custard with chocolate) all freshly prepared daily.

Finally, I know ALL the family members involved, I RESPECT them, ENJOY them and LIKE them all very much. AND SO WILL YOU!